Introducing the Avondale and Logan Box Shelves

Combining beauty and function to do more with less in your home

Introducing the Vinyl Record Organizer

The newest addition to our visible vinyl collection

Best Selling Quilt, Rug, and Textile Hangers

Custom-made of solid wood to display the impossible

Products You Can Count On

Well Made is not just our name - it's our promise. We start with the highest quality raw materials and shape them through expert craftsmanship so they last for generations to come.

Our products are designed simply and unobtrusively to transform your home into a reflection of you.


Our products are designed to be simple and minimal. The quality is apparent yet understated, showcasing what you put in and on our products rather than the piece itself.


We design with a specific purpose in mind. Our products are both elegant and functional, adding to the warmth and style of your home while enabling you to organize and display items meaningful to you.

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Quality products these days can be hard to come by. We use premium materials and time-honored woodworking techniques to ensure the products you buy from us will last a lifetime.

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