Overhead of woodworking

Our Process

All eyes on you... practical customer-centric design

Well Made products are more than their simple designs - they are the result of a multi-stage process to identify a pain point, brainstorm solutions, hone a design, and perfect production. Our products don’t stand alone. They are all created to organize, frame, or display other things. It is with your home and priceless possessions in mind that we design and build products to simply and beautifully display the items that make your home yours.

A Real Problem

Every product we design stems from a pain point - the lack of a solution or frustration due to a difficult solution. Often, inspiration comes in our own homes, but we also spend time putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes. Many of us can relate to the blank wall we know we should put something on, the awesome poster we bought at a neighborhood store and still haven’t framed, or the vinyl records we hate putting away because the artwork is so unique… Well Made products seek to inspire personalizing your home.

Thinking Caps

We pair product design best practice with an insanely talented wood shop to iterate on potential solutions quickly. We scrutinize size, shape, material, components, manufacturing technique… every part of a product to make sure it’s optimized to solve the original pain point it was created to solve. We typically prototype multiple rounds to ensure we’ve created the highest quality product that provides the simplest solution.

How It's Made

What happens when the people designing your products and the people producing them share an office? They get creative about the process. We think differently about how products come together. Once we’re ready to start selling a product, we manufacture it ourselves. Minor changes in our own production methods let us expand on our efficiencies to give you a better, more sustainable outcome each time.

Why It Works

Our bare-bones designs are crafted to last a lifetime. When you expect one thing but get so much more, it catches you off guard. We strive to make better, simple products that do more work for the person that matters... you. In time, those who believe doing more with less and being honest about that process are not only finding us, they are sticking with us.