Overhead of woodworking

Our Process

It's all eyes on you

We Think We're Pretty Unique

Buying a Well Made product comes with so much more than pretty packaging. It comes with a history. A lot has gone into a product by the time our customers receive them in the mail. We won’t rush an idea out the door that we’re not proud of. Instead, we nourish them until they do right by the person that matters, you.

A Real Problem

Every product we design stems from a lack, need or frustration that we want to make good on. We figure if there’s a need for something in our own homes, there’s probably a need in many homes. All Well Made products are crafted from the same humble beginnings of purpose and intent.

Thinking Caps

We pair an insanely talented wood shop with a fresh perspective on framing and organization. Our team works at the intersection of ingenuity and quality to scrutinize every design decision of a new product, making sure they’re doing the most for you in your home. Every part, experience and detail get put to the test before anything is ever sold. Ultimately, we’re able to use the highest quality materials possible because we trim our designs until only its essential elements are left.

How It's Made

What happens when everyone designing your products are the same people producing them? They get creative about the process. We think differently about how products come together. Once we’re ready to start selling a product, we manufacture it ourselves. Minor changes in our own production methods let us expand on our efficiencies to give you a better, more sustainable outcome each time.

Why It Works

Our bare-bones designs are crafted to last a lifetime. When you expect one thing but get so much more, it catches you off guard. We strive to make better, simple products that do more work for the person that matters... you. In time, those who believe doing more with less and being honest about that process are not only finding us, but standing behind us.