8 Elements of Scandinavian Interior Decor

8 Elements of Scandinavian Interior Decor

Scandinavian design is a clean-lined, minimalist style with traditional handwork and versatile features. This versatile design movement allows for a lot of personal expression and has influenced everything from interior design to architecture.

Read on to learn more about incorporating Scandinavian decor to create a clutter-free home with clean lines and airy spaces.

Why Scandinavian Interior Design?

The Norse style's popularity stems from the use of form and function in a mess-free space.

The movement started in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway in the 1930s and can now be found in furniture showrooms worldwide. In the 1950s, the Lunning prize began awarding Scandinavian designers for outstanding craftsmanship, which gave way to its international popularity.

Creating a stylish and modern space that's functional and yet remains a retreat from busy life is easy. With just a few well-chosen goods, high-quality furniture, and lighting, you can invite that functional coziness that's both modern and minimalistic.

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Hygge is a pillar in Scandinavian interior design.

It's a tricky term, but it basically translates to a sense of warmth and comfort that evokes happiness, well-being, and contentment. It's one of the pillar features of Danish home life (and probably why they're so happy)!

A well-placed natural wood frame, textured pillows, and a cozy throw blanket can create that sought-after chilled-out hygge style.

You should probably check out this article on how adding a quilt or rug as wall art can add texture, warm and color to your space.

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Light, Muted Colors

Scandinavian home decor relies heavily on light colors to keep the airy and bright aesthetic. Pale blues, soft grays, and white are popular hues in Nordic interior design. The concept is to keep the space feeling fresh and airy—perfect for those long, dark winters.

Personalized Nordic design prioritizes comfort using calm colors that are easy on the eye. So instead of vibrant colors, you'll see many textured fabrics mixed into white walls and cooler earth tones.

Let In Lots Of Natural Light

Due to it being so dark most of the year, allowing as much light as possible is another pillar of design in this region. The homes in this area are also usually on the smaller side, so natural lighting makes the space feel brighter and bigger.
Use reflective accent materials—white-colored palettes or shiny floors— to increase natural light flowing into the room. Further illuminate the space by using minimal or translucent window treatments.

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Scandinavian design is synonymous with minimalism and tranquil spaces. It emphasizes functionality and simplicity while still being aesthetically pleasing. There is a focus on using only the necessary elements to create an uncluttered and comfortable space. That doesn't mean that Scandinavian design is boring, though. On the contrary, there is still plenty of room for creativity and self-expression within the confines of this aesthetic.

Related to keeping a space clutter free is the idea of owning less, to begin with. So don't shy away from bare walls displaying one key art piece with a simple custom frame.

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Invest in built-in storage

Can we get this uncluttered appearance without losing all our interest and stuff? Install a storage system cleverly tucked away to keep your goodies out of sight. Adding built-in cabinets is an excellent solution for a minimalistic space.

Clean Lines

Scandinavian design is all about clean, unbroken lines. There's no need for superfluous ornamental features because they don't add anything to the area's usefulness. Instead, lines are strong, solid, and unbroken, allowing you to focus on the room's essential decorative elements rather than the walls.

A simple floating key shelf on an otherwise unadorned wall adds purpose and stylish flair.

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Natural Touch

Natural touch is a feature that adds to the ambiance and instantly enhances the room. Adding botanicals allows you to create living elements and gives natural color in the typically white and grey shades typical to Scandinavian designs.
Plants and flowers provide natural sources of inspiration, and we suggest you think outside the box. For example, find unusual pebbles and shells on beaches or display forest finds in exciting clusters.

Display your unique finds on a cleverly designed miniature utility shelf.


Using wood on the floors and walls makes the space feel warm, adds texture, and can instantly uplift your mood.

However, you can't just use any wood if you want that Nordic feel. Only use lighter woods to tie in with the light color scheme. You'll see a lot of different wood furniture in Nordic homes, from sleek and modern design pieces to more traditional hand-carved items (sometimes as simple as a tree stump for a coffee table).

The light woods, combined with the muted paint choices, create a relaxing vibe while making the space feel bigger.

Easily combine two elements by hanging your textured textiles with these natural wood Quilt Clips.

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Metals are also commonly used in the Scandinavian style, usually in simple metal lamps or vases. Of course, copper is trendy now, but you'll also see brass and chrome used quite often.


Glassware is another essential element of Scandinavian interior design. It's often used for vases and other decorative objects, but you'll also find it incorporated into furniture and lighting fixtures.

Norse design often incorporates organic forms, natural materials, and clean, simple designs. It's rooted in a people's history of living in small rural communities in Scandinavia that were often isolated, necessitating the use of natural materials. References to Nordic history, folklore, and nature are evident in this contemporary style.

Perfect The Lived-In Look

Some interior design styles are cold and impersonal, but Scandinavian rooms are stylish, cozy, and practical, which helps them concentrate on their day-to-day lives.

The key is to emphasize everyday living instead of a strictly minimalist lifestyle.

Above all, the Scandinavian decor is about functionality. Every element of the Nordic interior serves a purpose: providing storage, saving space, or simply adding decoration. This philosophy extends to how they live their lives in general—they value practicality and efficiency over all else.

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Bring On The Hygge!

In summary, Nordic design is beautiful and simplistic and works in modern living areas that need functional and adaptable goods that'll last a lifetime. If you want to make a statement by adding a touch of Nordic flair to your home, check out our stunning products at Well Made.

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