9 Home Office Décor Ideas You Should Try

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Whether you need office space for remote working or somewhere to slip away and pay the bills (one that you'd rather not call a home office), having a dedicated workspace can help you set aside distractions and get your tasks done as efficiently as possible.

You don't need an extravagant interior design budget or huge square footage to create a home office that inspires creativity and helps you reach peak productivity. Instead, make the space that's at your disposal work for you. Whether that means clearing out an unused closet, a nook in the corner, or finally converting an underutilized guest bedroom, we've got some décor ideas for you that add functionality and style to your routine.

When it comes to your home office, make it work for you | Well Made

The Three Key Questions to Home Office Success

No matter your job, style, or the physical size of the space you're curating, there are three questions you should answer before putting together your home office.

What is the Purpose of Your Home Office?

The first question to answer is not which furniture you need to purchase or how a pop of color might help your proposed office space. Instead, ask yourself, "what is the purpose of not just any home office but your office space?"

Do you sit on a lot of video calls? Do you keep odd hours? Are there a lot of kids running around? Are you a professional designer and don't need any help at all? Kidding! In all seriousness, you need to know what you're trying to achieve before putting together your home office design.

What Must-Have Functionality Do You Need?

Once you understand the purpose of your home office, you need to be honest with yourself about what functionality will help your office space pack the most punch.

You might see a desk, shelves, and an office chair as basic decisions, but what function do they serve? If you work on a laptop, a deeper table may be helpful.

Do you need room for a lot of storage? Shelves can help, but so can a desk with drawers. Taking a few minutes to understand all the possible pain points of your workflow will send you on the right track.

How Can Personalize it?

Let's not forget that some of us spend a lot of time working from home. Injecting some personality into your workspace makes a statement to others and ourselves that we want to feel comfortable in our surroundings. Of course, you can keep it simple. However, accessories like a photo or keepsake from a recent vacation can inspire creativity, keep things light and create ample opportunity for styling and staging magazine-worthy parts of your home.

Corporate office spaces can often be very sterile and void of personality. Instead, you can hang your cherished art or display your favorite photos at home to make your workspace more personal. Though we wouldn't recommend cluttering your home office, adding some cozy touches can be great for productivity.

Now, Let's Pick a Style

You've spent hours on Pinterest creating idea boards full of wooden shelves, stylish chairs – maybe even a modern lamp or two, but it's time to bring that home office, well, home! You have enough ideas for five home offices, so what style space resonates with you?

Clean and professional doesn't have to be boring | Well Made

Clean and Professional

There's nothing wrong with a nice, simple office space of nothing more than a desk, chair, and lamp. Depending on what you do for a living, you can keep it simple, but remember – simple doesn't mean haphazardly thrown together. If you do any video calls, others are sure to see the space you create, and the simple design can say a lot about you.

Minimalist (with Style)

Consider what you're putting in your place and whether it truly needs to be there; this is the essence of minimalism. For example, is that interesting décor making your workplace cozier and more efficient, or will it distract you all day? Take count on function over frivolousness to achieve minimalism.

Try simple, high quality accessories to clean up your workspace | Well Made

Ever wondered why some of the world's most accomplished individuals prefer minimalism? A clutter-free workspace furnished with simple pieces and a neutral color scheme (on the walls or desk) has a way of relaxing the mind and encouraging productivity. For example, adding a wooden photo rail to the wall can be a great way to keep stuff off your desk but still in arm's reach.

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If you work from home and your job encourages you to 'be you,' you're lucky! Exercise every creative muscle in your body because nothing should be off-limits. From that electric green rug to the dreamcatcher hanging from the ceiling (kidding. mostly.), building on your personal taste and curating different styles together will undoubtedly create something uniquely you.

If you design an office in your own house, you might as well feel comfortable, right?

Ways To Decorate Your Home Office

Making your home office stylish (even Instagrammable?) doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. Consider the following tips for easy and affordable ways to create the perfect home office.

Create an Accent Wall

Forget about the played-out office beige paint. A bold accent wall can get your brain going for the day. It can be a pop of color, bold or subtle patterns, or anything that can inspire you when you walk by or sit down for a few hours. The office space is usually much smaller than most other rooms or areas in your home. This is the perfect place to experiment with bold colors or patterned wallpaper.

Look at the psychology of colors before running out to buy paint. Which one resonates with your vision?

A bright, summery color like lime green or bright yellow is a great way to lift spirits. Others might prefer a light, calming shade or deep green or blue. Go for whatever gets your creativity flowing, and remember that a single wall can make a massive impact.

Natural light can and should be a focal point, when available | Well Made

Find Natural Light

If you are lucky enough to have abundant natural light in the room, you've designated for your home office, congratulations! Use the natural light as a focal point if possible; your workspace and mental health will benefit from it.

Hang the Perfect Art

Forget everything you know about hanging wall art. Whether it's a classic painting or your child's finger painting, it has to work for you regardless of what others say.

Gallery walls are popular for home offices, but sometimes this look isn't minimal or professional enough for your taste. If that's the case, hanging one bold piece of art is a great alternative. Emptiness can be demoralizing, so don't rule out art because you think it may get in the way. A few points could be enough to fill your area without distracting you from your work.

No matter your space, make it personal | Well Made

Decorate Your Desk

Tread lightly here. Not everyone is great at keeping a clutter-free desk, but there is a lot to be said for keeping things easily accessible, even if you're sitting at the kitchen table. Remember, this isn't your living room; it's a workspace designed for productivity.

Well-designed desk accessories can provide function and form to your area—like this miniature pinch frame, perfect for a cherished photo or memo.

Small frames can bring life to your workspace | Well Made

Add an Inspiration Board

An inspiration board might sound a little cliché, but it helps you plan and stay inspired, and it's a popular way to declutter your desk. It can be as simple as pinning or hanging a corkboard on an empty wall and filling it with things that motivate you. Whether this includes images of your family, business cards, postcards, or even fabric swatches is up to you. If you work in a creative field, this could be a great place to brainstorm and visualize your current work.

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Showcase Your Photos

What home office would be complete without a few personal photos? This is where you show off your talents to the rest of the world; therefore, it should reflect the things you love the most.

Adding personal touches to the design of your office says to others that your individuality outside of work matters. Hang interesting artwork, display family photographs, and pick out some adorable accessories to complete the look you're after. Don't be afraid to mix frame styles or play with hanging height.

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Make Use of Vertical Space

This tip is probably one of the most underutilized design concepts regarding home office ideas. A home office's floor space is often limited, but you should still have plenty of wall space. This is especially true today as most modern workers sit in an office chair and work on a laptop.

An organized workspace helps relax the mind | Well Made

Consider prioritizing how frequently you access certain things. If you're lucky enough to have cabinet space, that's where we would place "deep storage" items that you don't use every day. On the other hand, adding a sleek minimalist shelf at eye level will look great and make excellent use of wall space. It's the perfect place to put a few inspirational pieces, and it doubles as a convenient storage location for gadgets. Some other useful vertical storage options include a rackless key holder and floating shelves.

A gallery wall allows you to create energy on your walls | Well Made

Create A Gallery Wall

This one is a little harder to pull off in a home office because these spaces are typically fairly tight, but that doesn't mean you can't make it work. The trick to adding artwork above your desk is to keep it simple and see the wall itself as a single piece of art.

You can consider artwork and frames of a similar palette but play with thickness, texture, and tone. Begin by laying out all your pieces on the floor and rearranging them until you discover the proportions and layout you like best. Take it one step further by adding some gorgeous frames into the mix.

Simple and professional is always a safe bet | Well Made

Show Off the Perfect Meeting Background

If you have the luxury of an entire room for your home office, you'll have a bit more control of this. If not, you may want to clean up the background so the light and walls are a little more pleasing to your viewer's eyes.

Pick a wall with good lighting and hang a simple piece of artwork or a world map. Then set up your camera so it's at eye level when seated at your desk for a more professional background. Take advantage of any natural lighting you have. Just be careful to avoid any glare on your computer screen, camera or eyeglasses if you wear them. Also, ensure that your face is as well-lit as possible.

Utilize Storage Baskets

An easy way to organize your office and keep any clutter out of sight is by using storage baskets or bins. Easily store office supplies like paper, staplers, tape, and more in these baskets. If you have job-specific tools you need on hand, this is a great way to declutter. You can even label the baskets to know what goes where and with the many styles available, you can match the decor with your storage.

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So, whether you're just starting in your home office or are looking for a few new ideas to spruce it up, we hope this article has inspired you. Check out our quality framing and organization products, perfect for any space.

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