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Well Made operates a 3,000 square foot wood shop in the heart of Avondale, on the outskirts of downtown Chicago. We welcome visitors by appointment only. Please use this form to get in touch with a member of our team. Form the nearest retail location where our products may be purchased, please see our Store Locator.

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2850 N Pulaski Avenue Unit 8
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Home of the STiiCKs magnetic poster frame. Well Made is a furniture and industrial design collective based in Chicago, Illinois.

STiiCKs® - Magnetic Poster Frames

Well Made Shop

We are a custom furniture and industrial design collective based in Chicago, USA.

STiiCKs® - Magnetic Poster Frames

Neodymium magnets
Picture frame Chicago
Our frames ship in a tube
Solid wood frame
Acid free frame
Neodymium magnets
Picture frame Chicago
Our frames ship in a tube
Solid wood frame
Acid free frame

STiiCKs® - Magnetic Poster Frames

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STiiCKs® work like a clamp, using real wood and strong magnets to frame art. These solid wood frames are perfect for odd size prints, posters, photos, linen, fabric – even canvas. Due to unusually high interest, our Walnut finish may take as long as 3-5 business days to ship. All other sizes and finishes ship within 24 hours.

Need a custom size? – We make custom framing orders up to 72" wide

STiiCKs are available worldwide – Visit our Store Locator here

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Magnets automatically align the frame, clamping art securely in between.

STiiCKs work like a clamp

Each set of STiiCKs comes with 4 strips of solid wood embedded with really strong magnets just below the surface. This creates an even clamping pressure across the entire frame. STiiCKs are offered in 5 standard sizes and 4 finishes, for custom framing up to 72” wide, please see our Gallery STiiCKs.

STiiCKs come with hardware, but you can use double sided tape or 3M Command Strips, too.

What's in the Box

Each set of STiiCKs includes everything you need to frame and mount your artwork. One kit includes; 4 strips of solid hardwood, four screws, four wall anchors and installation instructions. Double sided tape or 3M Command Strips can be used to mount STiiCKs, but are not included.

Installation & Swapping Artwork

Simply mount one of the predrilled slats level on the wall using screws (included) or 3M poster strips (not included). Center your artwork and drop another slat right on top. The bottom portion can be mounted to the wall or remain unmounted. Please see our installation video for step by step instruction.

Looking for a custom size frame?

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Frequently Asked Questions


+ How do I choose the right size?

Simply measure the width of your artwork and find the closest frame set. For example, our 25” frame set is made for 24” x 18” Landscape-oriented prints, or 24” x 36” Portrait-oriented prints. Custom sizes are made to order in our Chicago, USA wood shop in sizes up to 72” wide.

+ What are the product dimensions?

Each set of STiiCKs comes with 4 pieces, each measuring 0.75" x 0.375" x Length. Once mounted at the top and bottom of your artwork, your print will be centered between a 0.75" frame, with your print slightly elevated off the wall.

+ Do you make custom sizes?

Yes. STiiCKs comes in 5 standard sizes in 4 finishes, ideal for framing artwork from 8”x10” (A4 prints) through 24” x 36” (A1 prints). Custom sizes are made to order in our Chicago, USA wood shop in sizes up to 72” wide.

+ How strong are the magnets?

We use incredibly strong rare earth neodymium magnets that frame paper, photographs, linen, fabric – even canvas extremely well. However, the magnets actually do not hold your artwork. The magnets are mounted below the surface of the wood, creating a strong and even clamping pressure across the frame.

+ Can I mount them vertically?

Yes. Although STiiCKs are most commonly mounted horizontally on both portrait and landscape oriented prints, they can be mounted vertically. You will need to securely mount BOTH pairs of wooden slats using the included screws. Prints measuring greater than 50% wider than tall may experience some difficulty when mounting vertically. If you have specific questions, please email us.

+ What are other common uses for STiiCKs?

The beauty of STiiCKs lie in their simplicity. Not only are they are great odd size frame, but they can be used just at the top, framing twice as many prints for the same price. Their strength will allow them to frame things like scarves, flags, linens and fabrics – even canvas. They also work as a frame for any metal surface – refrigerator, office filing cabinets and much more.

+ Will STiiCKs damage my artwork?

Absolutely not. STiiCKs were designed using fine furniture techniques. The magnets are permanently embedded below the surface of the wood, without glue to create an even clamping pressure. Our furniture-grade finishes are museum quality and acid free.

+ When will my STiiCKs ship?

We strive to ship our standard stock items within 1-2 business days. However, STiiCKs are a handmade product and if there is any reason we cannot ship to you within this time frame we will notify you immediatley by email.

+ Do you offer local pickup in Chicago?

Yes. Our wood shop is located at the Diversey/Pulaski intersection in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago. Please use coupon code “PickEmUp” at checkout to waive shipment fees. Once purchased, please email us to schedule your pick up.

+ Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes. We offer wholesale discounts to Distributors and Retailers. Discounts for 501C-3 non-profit organizations are available, please email us for more details.