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Chicago, il 60657

Well Made

Well Made is a Chicago custom furniture and industrial design collective. We also make STiiCKs, the magnetic poster frame everyone loves.

Hello. This, is Well Made.

We're a custom furniture and industrial design collective in Chicago, Illinois. Not only do we believe that things we own should last, but these objects should be considerately conceived, expertly crafted and responsibly sourced. We offer products and services that emphasize an understanding of our clients' needs through a sincere respect for the context of their surroundings.

– Brandon Knowlden, Founder

Brandon Knowlden Portrait

Well Made is the product and custom furniture studio of myself, Brandon Knowlden. But I couldn't dream of doing this alone, which is why Well Made is comprised of whoever – and whatever – we need to be at any given point in time.

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As our world continues to move more rapidly, the numbers of those who believe in slowing down are growing. We don’t need more, we simply need better. And Well Made is committed to excellence in sourcing, concept and execution.

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Well Made was founded on one simple belief. The things we own should last. And while that may be our true North, we’re committed to responsibly sourcing our materials and hold a sincere respect for timeless design and expert craftsmanship.

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