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Well Made operates a 3,000 square foot wood shop in the heart of Avondale, on the outskirts of downtown Chicago. We welcome visitors by appointment only. Please use this form to get in touch with a member of our team. Form the nearest retail location where our products may be purchased, please see our Store Locator.

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Home of the STiiCKs magnetic poster frame. Well Made is a furniture and industrial design collective based in Chicago, Illinois.



Welcome to the Well Made blog. Full of interesting content and the ups and downs of following your heart for a living. Thank you for visiting.

The Value of Collaboration

Brandon Knowlden

Faces of Main Street

A short while ago a good friend of mine turned me on to a project he has been involved in called Faces of Main Street. FoMS is a storytelling platform for American Small Business, they're doing their damnedest to help businesses like mine tell our stories on a platform where people come to engage with like-minded folks. And they're doing a pretty damn good job.

Your Story Matters

In my short time as a business owner I've learned so much. So many ups and downs, highs and lows – it really has been the experience of a lifetime. The one problem with starting a business is that no matter who you have in your life it's nearly impossible for them to know exactly what you're going through.

You work in a vacuum. You work in the dark. And it can be an intensely scary and lonely place to spend 80+ hours per week.

Faces of Main Street is trying to encourage businesses to raise there hand and say, "Yup, the American dream is alive and well." There are others like you out there and collectively we will succeed, especially with platforms like FoMS to help us share our collective experiences. Visit their site and submit your story here.

Suckadelic & The Super Sucklord

Brandon Knowlden

Here at Well Made, we're always on the prowl for great work and great storytelling. We do our best to create and iterate and tell our story and we love when other people do the same. This morning I came across a Vimeo Staff Pick produced by Joey Garfield over at Ghost Robot. It's a short doc that gives us a glimpse into the world of The Super Sucklord.

There's an almost-perverse honesty going on over there and that's pretty cool. Love it or hate it, the new studio will definitely be picking up on of their handmade monstrosities. Catch the video below.

Time to stretch our legs

Brandon Knowlden

We're Moving

The past year has been a bit of a whirlwind. At times, it's been slow, but for the most part, it's been a battle to keep up. Our wood shop is currently located in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago. It's measures roughly 1,000/sf and has gotten us to this point. We've finally signed all the paperwork for a 2,800/sf shop that will allow us to take the next step on our path and we couldn't be more excited.

A whole lot more Well Made

Our new space is actually located right around the corner, in the same neighborhood. The photo above represents the proverbial 'BEFORE' image, but we have big plans for our new space. This image shows about 60% of the space and is where the fabrication studio will be located. We're also building out a photo studio, fulfillment center and offices. Stay tuned for your invitation to the Studio-warming party in a month or two!

Onehundredforty turns Twitter into art

Brandon Knowlden

One really cool thing about creating a product like our STiiCKs magnetic framing kits is that artists around the world use are constantly looking for amazing collaborations. Case in point, the stellar team at House of Radon in Stockholm, Sweden reached out and asked if we'd like to partner with them on an entirely new way to elevate the Twitter platform.

Turn words into art

Onehundredforty uses a custom algorithm and boat loads of great artwork to dynamically take any tweet and turn it into a poster that ships worldwide for just $55. There are currently more than 5,000 combinations that will results in a truly one of a kind print made straight from the one hundred forty characters of any tweet, from anybody.

We love it because it's one of the first times we've seen technology ripped from the screen into the analog world in an effort to make our daily lives more beautiful and artwork more relevant.

Framed with STiiCKs

Great art also needs to be seen to be appreciated. Onehundrenforty has created an amazing platform, but they've also arranged for each and every customer to purchase a set of STiiCKs along with their one of a kind print.

Support this idea

Onehundredforty may not exist without our support. The team at House of Radon has laid the foundation, but we're asking all of our customers, cheerleaders, friends and family to support the idea on Kickstarter. You can do so here.

Nick Cavalier for Well Made

Brandon Knowlden

This last week was pretty insane. We're getting ready to move, launch our second Kikcstarter and our dear friend, the talented Nick Cavalier came in from Los Angeles to help us tell our story. After a day of pre-pro and multiple 12 hour shoot days, we've got what we need and couldn't have done it without Nick's sense for great storytelling.

Here's a few shots from the interview session.

Nick was passing through on his way to Cleveland for the screening of his feature-length documentary of the incomparable Derek Hess. If you're going to be in Ohio, be sure to stop by the Cleveland Film Festival and check it out, tickets available here.

Oh yeah, his title sequence is a finalist in the Excellence in Title Design category at the SXSW film festival. BOOM.

Andrea Haugerud Hovik

Brandon Knowlden

Andrea Haugerud Hovik's latest work from 'I Think You Know'

A few weeks ago, Andrea Haugerud Hovik, better known to the world as SPIREA reached out to Well Made about an upcoming gallery show she was looking to frame in Norway. We were obviously very excited as her work is quite amazing.

We sent her 4 sets of 103cm Gallery STiiCKs in White for her show, "I Think You Know" and just so happened to be on the edge of our seat to see her new work. Yesterday, Andrea was kind enough to send us these amazing images from her show. Well Made is so proud to help artists like Andrea showcase their work in an elegant and affordable manner. What a talented shooter...

Thank you for the opportunity, Andrea!

Well Made is having a party

Brandon Knowlden

Oh hey there. Don't you look fantastic...

It's been just about a year since we opened our doors and it's time we took a minute to dust ourselves off and throw a little shindig. This Friday, October 10th as part of the Dock 6 Collective Design + Art event, we'll be throwing our first annual Well Made anniversary party and you're invited.

Come see our space and dozens of others with far more talent. There will be great art, music and probably a plenty of free drinks. We couldn't have made it here without you, so come on down.


Friday, October 10 from 6-10pm


4200 W Diversey Avenue
Chicago, IL 60639

Thoughts on Renegade Craft Fair

Brandon Knowlden

A few weeks ago the Well Made crew took part in a long exhaustive effort to show our wares at the Renegade Craft Fair in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. Despite the end-of-the-world-style crowds, the weather was amazing and it was a great event. And even better than lining our pocket with enough chedda' to snag a few beers for our team is the ability to interact with people like you.

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Look for us in Austin

Brandon Knowlden

We're happy to announce that we're taking this show on the road! Literally.

We have been accepted the the SXSW edition of the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin, TX next month at the Palmer Events Center. If you've never been to a Renegade Fair, we suggest getting the Griswold's in that wood-paneled station wagon for a road trip, because it sure will be a great time.

Renegade boasts the best and brightest indie crafts from around the country and we're thrilled to promote our offering to thousands of like-minded folks. Once we get our booth assignment, we'll let you know right where to find us.