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Project Management Forms

This page was designed to help Well Made employees submit project updates, notifications and requests. Each form should be used based on the criteria outlined below. If you have any questions, please see your Manager.

New Project Requests

This is the most common way to get a project going. Use this form to initiate a new project where multiple departments will need to be involved and the estimated effort is greater than 4 hours and/or $250 in Hard Costs.

This form will automatically generate a Creative Brief, track initial KPIs, email responsible parties and (depending on your selections) may result in a Kickoff Meeting, Asana flows, possibly even a Manufacturing Order in MRP Easy.


Small Project Notifications

Think of this form as a way to let your co-workers know you need a few hours of their time. Use this form when a verbal request won’t cut it, but the project will consume less than 4 hours of combined effort and < $250 in Hard Costs.

This form will automatically email everyone listed and log the details in a spreadsheet. This form helps us capture small requests that add up and will help us better understand how well-staffed we are.


Active Project Updates

If a Project as already begun, this is the form to use to provide a formal update. This form will generate an email letting the right people know what the update is and where to document the changes.