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1. Choose Your Frame Size

From 9” - 102” we’ll handcraft exactly what you need! We recommend your frame to be 1-2” wider than your art.

2. Choose Your Style

Pick from Standard or Custom Magnetic Hangers for items up to 1/8” thick and our Textile Hangers for items up to 1/2” thick!

3. Choose Your Finish

Our solid wood hangers are available in Walnut, Natural, Whitewash, Black and White

Choose Between our Different Options


Magnetic Hangers - Standard Sizes

Perfect for: Prints, posters, photos, lightweight fabrics

Frame width: 9” up to 25”

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Magnetic Hangers - Custom Sizes

Perfect for: Large prints, photos, thick fabrics

Frame width: 9” up to 102”

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Large Format Display Hangers

Perfect for: Foam board, heavyweight textiles, quilts, rugs

Frame width: 15” up to 102”

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What our Customers Say


Super fast shipping, does exactly what it’s supposed to!


Getting both the top and bottom frame really made our hanging stand out.

William H.

High quality! Fits my textile beautifully and blends with our decor aesthetics.

Susan D.

I love this frame! It works so well and was so easy to hang.

Maryanne M.

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Los Angeles, CA