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Well Made operates a 3,000 square foot wood shop in the heart of Avondale, on the outskirts of downtown Chicago. We welcome visitors by appointment only. Please use this form to get in touch with a member of our team. Form the nearest retail location where our products may be purchased, please see our Store Locator.

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2850 N Pulaski Avenue Unit 8
Chicago, il 60641


Home of the STiiCKs magnetic poster frame. Well Made is a furniture and industrial design collective based in Chicago, Illinois.


Welcome to the Well Made blog. Full of interesting content and the ups and downs of following your heart for a living. Thank you for visiting.

The Value of Collaboration

Brandon Knowlden

Faces of Main Street

A short while ago a good friend of mine turned me on to a project he has been involved in called Faces of Main Street. FoMS is a storytelling platform for American Small Business, they're doing their damnedest to help businesses like mine tell our stories on a platform where people come to engage with like-minded folks. And they're doing a pretty damn good job.

Your Story Matters

In my short time as a business owner I've learned so much. So many ups and downs, highs and lows – it really has been the experience of a lifetime. The one problem with starting a business is that no matter who you have in your life it's nearly impossible for them to know exactly what you're going through.

You work in a vacuum. You work in the dark. And it can be an intensely scary and lonely place to spend 80+ hours per week.

Faces of Main Street is trying to encourage businesses to raise there hand and say, "Yup, the American dream is alive and well." There are others like you out there and collectively we will succeed, especially with platforms like FoMS to help us share our collective experiences. Visit their site and submit your story here.