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Well Made operates a 3,000 square foot wood shop in the heart of Avondale, on the outskirts of downtown Chicago. We welcome visitors by appointment only. Please use this form to get in touch with a member of our team. Form the nearest retail location where our products may be purchased, please see our Store Locator.

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2850 N Pulaski Avenue Unit 8
Chicago, il 60641


Home of the STiiCKs magnetic poster frame. Well Made is a furniture and industrial design collective based in Chicago, Illinois.


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Now for the hard part...

Brandon Knowlden

Hey there, for those who backed our project or the folks that follow this blog, we wanted to post some deets about arguably the most difficult 1/3 of running a Kickstarter project.

The first part is creating the project is... creating the project. Structuring the campaign, figuring out rewards, shooting/editing the video. It's a task, but one we were flattered to embrace.

Secondly is running the campaign itself. thousands of emails, Facebook messages. Emailing blogs trying to get coverage, answering hundreds of emails, making sure everything stays current. It certainly was a full-time job for more than a few people.

Lastly, now that we're up to date, comes fulfillment. Our website is run on Squarespace platform. This is a great thing, but once you realize the power of what SS6 is actually capable of, you'll never turn back. For example, Kickstarter asks that you vastly limit the information you gather from your Backers, but for every person that doesn't want to hear from you ever again, 10 actually do. So we've chosen to develop surveys to be filled out here on our website.

This is great because of how easy that is to do. In addition to shooting us an email for every survey that gets filled out, SS6 has the ability to connect Google Docs, so all the information will go directly into a spreadsheet. We can then upload that directly into our Shipstation account, another powerful SS6 collaboration, so we can manage our shipping in one place.

Then there is the SS6 marketplace. For those who who like to re-order, pre-order or buy other products we offer, our store was up and running in minutes. Complete with live shipping estimates, international shipments, taxes and the fact that our store automatically sends orders straight through to Shipstation for immediate shipping, we've been nothing but pleased.

Bottom line, we've got an uphill battle ahead of us, but we're excited to have chosen such a robust and forward-thinking platform to handle just about everything we could ever need.